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Solutions To Water Pollution: Types Of Industrial RO Plant To The Rescue

An industrial RO filter plant is a machine that can be a solution to water pollution. A lot of industrial factories and other sectors have bought the setup of an RO water filtration plant.

An RO plant uses the basic mechanism of reverse osmosis. In other words, through external pressure to the water, it filters the waste minerals. Moreover, it can also obliterate the hazardous chemicals and other particles from water in bulk.

Basic Overview Of RO Plant

So, as the name suggests, an RO plant system can also desalinate drinking water. However, unlike water purifiers at home, we use a plant specifically for industrial purposes. So, for example, in hospitals, restaurants, big hotels, or industrial factories, we see the usage of this machine.

Different Types Of Plants For Large Scale Filtration

If you are looking for an RO plant in India, our ‘X’ RO Service can help you out. We offer assistance to the customers for servicing and providing a plant. If you are having some trouble with the machine, we shall be on your doorstep.

Moreover, our team of experts will make sure that everything is satisfactory from your end. In addition, our service ensures a water RO plant for a moderate price.

Now, it’s true that there are different types of RO water plant available. So, without further ado, let’s check out some of the most crucial ones.

  • 50 & 100 LPH

An industrial RO tank can come in 50 or 50 LPH. In other words, it can filter 50 to 100 liters of water per hour efficiently. Generally, small companies or restaurants, or even schools benefit from this type of plant.

  • 250 & 350 LPH

Next, we are talking about a slightly larger firm, like a hospital or university or even a company of high repute. They can take the help of an RO treatment plant that comes with a 250 or 350 LPH service rate.

  • 500 & 1000 LPH

In a few industries where the need for fresh and clean water is immense, we see 500 or 1000 LPH systems. So, these RO water treatment plants use the reverse osmosis system to heighten the quality of water. Killing all the germs present within the water can provide people with fresh & clean water.

Generally, a few factories, hospitals, or even companies buy this type of RO plant. However, if an institution has to provide fresh water to 1000 people daily, then these types of tanks are useful. Moreover, with six filtration stages for both these machines, it’s safe to say that these are wonderful.


We at ‘X’ RO Service can provide you with different RO plants at an affordable cost. Moreover, if you already have a machine and are looking for servicing, we can be there for you. We have a team of professionals who are always looking to provide satisfaction to the customers. Sometimes all we need to check RO Spare Parts Price cause RO Spare Parts price depends on various factors like brands. Pahuja Enterprises Water Softener Price is moderate, and we shall also make sure that it meets the customer’s satisfaction. So overall Pahuja Enterprises provide all kind of service so if you have any query than contact us.

Foolproof Benefits Of RO Plants For Industrial Use

RO plants are really useful for almost all types of industrial institutions. Generally, the cost of RO plant varies from institution to institution. For example, you don’t need a powerful RO plant filter for a small restaurant. But, on the other hand, you do require an RO plant, with a capacity of 500 to 1000 LPH for, let’s say, a hospital or a big factory.

In short, if the institution demands heavy usage of clean water, the cost of RO water plant will certainly increase. There are different types of plants, such as 100 LPH, 250LPH, 350LPH, 500, 1000, and even 2000 LPH. Even if it’s a bit expensive to own a higher LPH RO plant, there are numerous benefits as well.

We at Pahuja RO Water Purifier Service company provide you with several types of RO plants at an affordable price. As we said, earlier, the RO plant cost depends on the features and specifications. Our service will ensure that the desire of your institution or company meets all those features.

An RO water plant uses much more force than a regular RO water purifier. Hence it can pump a lot of water and filter them at ease. So, below we shall discuss some of the benefits of owning such a device, and how it can be of use to you.

Why Do You Need The Service Of an Industrial RO Plant?

If you look at the RO plant price list, you will see that there are different types of plants available. There is certain usage for all of those plants. However, in general, a RO Plant can efficiently purify contaminated water. The water after the purification process can be of use to a lot of fields.  Below are the usage of water after the filtration process.

  •   Drinking purpose
  •   Desalination
  •   Concentration of contaminants
  •   Wastewater treatment

With so much use of a RO plant, the RO water plant setup cost is naturally higher than usual water purifier installation.

Moreover, Pahuja RO service team shall help out a customer in any need. If they are looking for an affordable RO plant price in India, then we shall deliver it to them on their doorstep.

As for the setup installation, you don’t have to worry because our team of experts will do it at ease.

Now, let’s explore some of the most pressing benefits of RO plants.

Here Are The Benefits Of Installing An RO Water Plant

Generally, India’s RO water plant machine price is high due to the heavy demand, features, and efficiency. However, our service will ensure that it meets your budget.

  •   Energy Cost Reduction

An industrial RO plant indeed generates less energy than other water filtration systems. However, it depends on the LPH as well. If the LPH is higher, then the RO water plant project cost shall be higher as well. 

  •   A better taste of water

One of the reasons why the RO water purifier plant price is moderately on a higher side is because it offers tasty water at a large scale. In addition, since the RO process removes minerals that can affect the water’s bad taste, it results in tasty water without a bad odor. 

  •   Doesn’t Require Much Space

The setup doesn’t take much space, so it’s a benefit to a lot of companies. So, if you are looking for the RO water purifier plant price list, then make sure to read the specifications as well. You will get details about the space and everything. 


It’s also worth noting that an RO water plant requires regular maintenance. Generally, you need to change the filters every six months or so to get better performance. If you check the water RO plant price in India, you shall see that all the manufacturers will advise you to get regular maintenance done for the machine.

We at Pahuja RO service provides all sorts of service for RO plant. If you want to change a spare part or even replace the filters, we will be at the doorstep whenever you need it. We at Pahuja Aqua Service also Provide Water Purifier AMC Plans for your water purifier. So call us now and get the best service according to your need.